Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chicken Finger

I really need to get back to some of my training antics and the bizarre and funny things that happen to me! Like who sees Fred Flintstone bowling in the pool?, or drops chicken salad in her shoe?, or ends up with Milk in her eye?.... yea this girl!

So, a little back-story on this one.  My parents had a pool and got rid of it.  They had tons of extra beach towels and offered them to me. Of course I took them!  I didn't think anything of it, and like probably most of you, in the grogginess of 4AM, I stuffed a towel in my bag and went to the FAMILY FRIENDLY gym.

I swam, then showered.  Upon finishing my shower I went to grab my towel that was hanging on the outside of the stall.  This is what I see.

I thought, WHAT THE HELL? is that  a FINGER?   I then opened towel and see this: 


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  1. That is AWESOME! I want that towel!!!

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