Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holy %&@#

I've said that WAY too much over the last few months, so I thought a blog post dedicated to it was in order!

  • Holy %&@#  It's been a while since I've posted!
  • Holy %&@#  Japan!  **ok more is needed on that but I will end there**
  • Holy %&@#  My poor dog Gemini  :(...  such a survivor though.
  • Holy %&@# There's still a pile of snow in front of the front door!
  • Holy %&@#  We're getting 6-12" of snow on Fri-Sat APRIL 1!
  • Holy %&@#  I have a Tri in 5 weeks and there's still ICE on the lake!
  • Holy %&@#  I'm not going to fit in my wetsuit!
  • Holy %&@#  I have a Half Ironman in 14 weeks!
  • Holy %&@#  I'm not in shape!
  • Holy %&@#  I met Dave Scott, 6x World Champ and Hall of Famer and he scared the hell out of me (see previous Holy %&@# )!
  • Holy  %&@# I met Dave Scott!
  •  Holy  %&@# I have a pair of glasses on my face and sunglasses on my head in that picture.. dork!
  • Holy %&@#  I am riding 192 miles this summer to raise $$ for Cancer!
  • Holy %&@#  I'm on the hook for $4200 for Cancer Research if I don't get the donations!
  • Holy %&@#  My Gym/pool BALLYS abruptly CLOSED?!
  • Holy %&@#  I changed my venue for my Spin for charity 3 times, people must think I'm crazy!
  • Holy %&@#  People are awesome, lots of great donations for my Spin goodie bags and lots of great prizes!
  • Holy %&@#  I need to fill 7 more seats for my Spin!
  • Holy %&@#  I should focus more on work so I don't get fired (or find a sugar daddy)!
  • Holy %&@#  I forgot my shoes and had to wear sneakers to work!
  • Holy %&@#  I remembered LOTS Of shoes; 5 pairs ended up in my gym bag today!
  • Holy %&@#  I should have this poopy post blessed or something!

If you are in the area and would like to participate in my Spin, please check out (and Like) my team page, Team Blue Eyes.  Or you can go directly to the EVENT:

Here is a direct link to my Pan Mass Challenge Ride - it tells why I ride!

Thanks everyone for sticking around! I promise to post more!