Thursday, December 4, 2014

Just and Only

Just and Only are dangerous words.  I am just as guilty as the next guy at using these words.  Have you ever caught yourself saying one of the following?:

I JUST did a 5K
I ONLY did a xx minute mile
I JUST did a sprint triathlon
I ONLY did the swim

The beauty of our sport is that EVERYONE can do it, and everyone should feel included.  There are many elitists out there, I will dedicate an entire post to those annoying jerks, but this one is for the "rest of us."

I always feel the need to qualify my time.  I don't know what it is about it, my friends all know I'm slow but I feel the need to state it all the time.  I am trying very hard to STOP qualifying my times or workouts because I will always be faster than someone (and slower than most, LOL)!  

I feel bad when I see social media posts like "OMG MY RUN SUCKED SO BAD, I HAD ONLY A 10 MIN PACE."  I tell you, if I ever came out of a race with a 10 min pace, I would be doing cartwheels (and pigs would probably be flying). 

I love long distance cycling for example, but 'just' because I do 50 miles, doesn't mean your 2 miles are less important.  

It is about what YOU can do, and how you compared to what YOU are capable of doing.   It is not "just"  or "only" anything, it is YOUR accomplishment.

Please stop qualifying workouts with these words, every time you say it, it puts someone else's amazing accomplishments down.

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