Monday, November 1, 2010

Back Inside

The weather is turning and although it would be nice to bike outside TODAY, I decided to return to the gym.  Two of my friends broke clavicles this year and I broke my elbow before in separate bike accidents.  I am nervous enough around wet leaves.. so spin class here I come.

I texted a few friends last Sat to let them know I was going to this class.  I purposely didn't ASK anyone if they were 'going', I just said "txt me if you want me to save a bike."  That way I'd feel compelled to go.... and it worked!  Sunday AM I woke up thinking "EWE, I could just lay here, but I don't know who may be counting on me to save a bike." -- So I went :).  Same thing happened to me on Monday!  I totally didn't feel like going to boot-camp, but because I conned Jen into doing it with me, I felt compelled to go.  Workout buddies are SOOO important, even if they don't show up :).

I had a migraine from Wednesday afternoon until I went to bed on Saturday!  But, as luck would have it, I was ok on Sun woohoo, so off to Spin class I went!  You have to get there early to get a bike so I had 30 minutes to wander around.  I decided I was going to run if it killed me, so I set up my bike then went to the DREADmill!  I ran a mile - eh yea so what it was only a mile but I RAN, didn't stop... just ran.  The machines face the pool and all I could think about is "oh, I could be doing laps right now." - but I did it anyway!

Since the diagnosis I have been really thinking about my form and how my body is moving, I'm really conscience of the mechanics of my joints.  I know that ChiRunning's motto is "Pain free running" but it couldn't be more appropriate for me!  I was really thinking about form, where my knees were, how my feet were landing and most importantly (for me) how short my stride was.  This made a huge difference in my ability to run the mile.

Once finished, I went to the spin room and jumped on a bike 15 min early- for a total of 1 hr 15 min on the bike.. I do love the bike and swim! perhaps I love it because of the impact on my joints!  I'm really looking at everything so different now!

I haven't signed up for the Providence 70.3, but its on the list and its in my head.  I don't think I'll sleep until I actually put the credit card down.

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