Monday, March 14, 2016

I Saw The Sign

I know..I know, I should write more. I have several posts half written (Hogsback 13.1, Patriot 70.3, IMFL 15,  Disney Dopey Challenge).  Life is just flying by and I can't keep up with myself.

But I had to post this today.

I've been struggling with a decision to run a standalone Marathon.  I have to have one that is very forgiving with cutoffs and honestly it has to be fun.  I don't want to be alone out there for 20 miles.   A friend approached me about a month ago and asked if I wanted to run the Marine Corp Marathon.   My immediate thought was 'ugh, I'd love to but I'll never make the bridge.'

For those unfamiliar, you have to manage 14 min pace to mile 20 aka 'the bridge.'  There is a very hard cutoff there because they need to reopen to traffic.   That pace is pretty rough for me, I really never know what my body will do on any given day, and that pace is expecting a perfect body day!

I had decided "no, it's just not something I'm capable of."... I ran a 5K yesterday that gave me two incredible signs.

I spoke with my friend that AM and said 'ok I have a 50 min goal today.'  She said "ok fine, aim for 45 min."  In my mind I thought that was crazy. I haven't done much in the last 8 weeks and I can't do 15 min miles when I'm in shape!

So off we went.  I was looking at my watch and seeing my pace in the 12-13 range.  I thought my Garmin was broken or something.

Then the Worcester Police Department came by in drill formation.  If this isn't motivation to you, you're hopeless.  I was able to record it while running with them for about 1/4 of a mile.

I enjoyed the pace keeping, maybe I need to hire a platoon to chase me?

So after they passed me, I trudged along and noticed that my pace was in the low 13's.  WHAT?

I hustled along and cross the finish line a full 10 min faster than my goal and 2 min pace faster than I thought possible!

So guess what I did when I got home?

I registered for the 2016 Marine Corp Marathon with the  Semper Fi Fund.

 It's a stretch goal for me, I am not guaranteed a finish with this, in fact, there is a good chance I won't make the bridge, but damn if I'm not going to try!

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