Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ironman 2011

2011 has been an IRONMAN year for my friends!  

It has been bittersweet for me, as I should have progressed with them, but I know my limits with my EDS and I'll get there eventually.  It was really awesome though to see so many achieve such awesome goals this year.  I spent more time than I care to admit following people on the blackberry on the crappy Ironman tracker (which by the way SUCKS).  My friend Kevin had a pretty good tracker  http://www.myathletelive.com/index.html  but it was difficult with the blackberry and Val had one that would automatically publish her splits to facebook: www.racedaytracker.com. 

The year started out with Glenn.  Glenn was a shotgun triathlete.  He started out shy with a 'oh I don't know' then all of a sudden he's doing several 70.3 and after his first Ironman he's blowing 20+ avg MPH distance bike rides and scheduling ironmans like they're 5Ks!  Glenn is truely an IRONMAN!  Here he is finishing Ironman Texas in May!


Next was Karla who finished a 70.3 Ironman the Rev 3 in Maine in June!

I met Karla 2 years ago in a group that I was assistant coaching (along with Julie below).  It's pretty cool to see them excel!  Karla is known to have these explosive finishes, and she prides herself in getting noticed in her jumps of excitement at the finish line.  Way to go Karla.  Full Ironman next year?
 Then we have the Providence 70.3.  This one was a little sad for me, as I was supposed to do it with Alexis, Julie and Karla, but my EDS got in the way.  I paid for it, but had to back out.  (I paid for it again for 2012, we'll see if it works out).  It was very awesome to see them finish though!  
Alexis is one of TWO of of my friends recovering from a broken clavicle from last season.  Biking can be very dangerous (please get a RoadID).  She recovered from the break and came out strong! 
Alexis finished first, of course!  She's our coach! 

Being there for her finish was great, I cry at all of the finishes, but we do push each other (I tend to push her INTO the pool) one of these days I'm going to get in trouble. hehe..  
Julie and her Sister Karla also finished Providence. Julie has been there with me through many trainings and so many races.  We even WON a sprint this year with a relay team!  I can't wait until next year! Way to go girls!

Next was Kevin. I remember talking to his wife Lori and saying I wanted to do an Ironman in 2012. She yelled to a couch comfortable husband "hey you want to do an Ironman? you said it was on your bucket list." to which he mumbles "yea sure."  I presume he then thought "uh WHAT??" ( but the damage was done, he said it outloud).  Kevin turned into a triathlon machine.  He's fast and competitive.  He completed not only his half but his full Ironman in the same year!
In July he went to Racine to complete his 70.3 in front of most of his family!  Great Job Kevin, I'm so proud!

Next was Rick.  This wasn't Rick's first Ironman, he finished Ironman Florida several years go! I'm including him because he has been a mentor to me in triathlon, AND he had a tough break last year.  He was training for Ironman Placid 2010 and just short time before the race, he had a bike accident and broke his clavicle!  (again GET YOUR ROAD ID!).  He had a long road to recovery but was able to finish Ironman Placid in 2011 THIS YEAR!  I am including him for overcoming that obstacle!  Great Job Rick!
Next was Laura.  I met Laura at a Sprint Triathlon in NH.  She is a good friend of Christina, the woman whom I wrote about and is one of my most popular blog posts.  Laura and I stood at the waters edge and chatted as we cried and watched Christina get ready for her first tri.  We also waited for her at the finish line.  Something that we'll never forget!  Laura pushed herself to new heights this year by finishing Timberman 70.3 in August.  Not only did she complete a 70.3, but one of the more hillier ones on the east coast!  Some of the grades are upwards of 10%!  (try walking that let alone riding your bike!?!).  Way to go Laura!
Next up was KEVIN again!  He was READY on Sept 11 to tackle IRONMAN WISCONSIN!  Luckily he has these great races right around his house and could be surrounded by his family, what a great opportunity!  . Way to go Kevin!  Way to push it!  Hope to do a race with you someday! (even a sprint!)!
Next is Megan.  I met Megan through my blog!  She is another blogger!  We share many of the same philosophies and have become friends.  She is one of the most positive people and has recently been elected MAYOR of her town!  GO MEGAN!  (how are you going to fit in your Triathlons now though?).  Megan finished the Rev3 Cedar Point 70.3 in September.   - Go Megan!  I love your spirit!  - Can't wait to do a race with you either!

Next is Val- I wrote about Val in my last post. I met her through my blog and she IS My blog!  She is just amazing!  In 2 years she has lost 100 lbs, ran her first mile > then 5K > then half marathon > sprint tri > Olympic > half marathon > and October she PLACED THIRD in the Rev 3 Anderson SC 70.3 for the Athena division!  - Val are you sure you're real?
Next is Tim. Many of you know him, if you don't know him personally you probably know his work.  He is the race director for the Max Performance Race series here in New England.  These are the best run races around!  I don't know how Tim has time for all he does!  He makes sure the rest of us have an awesome season, yet he manages to squeeze out a couple 70.3's and this year  in Florida, he was finally able to hear those words..
TIM you are an IRONMAN!
Last, but not least is Val.. she just finished Ironman Cozumel this weekend!  I am waiting for a picture!  What a year she's had!   VAL YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!
What a year ALL Of you have had!  I am so proud of each and every one of you! I cry at all the events, they are so fun! I know the dedication it takes to get there.  I hope you are all proud of what you've done!