Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paleo Update

I apologize for the delay in my posts.  I have several in my head, I just need time to get fingers to keyboard! I guess that's the irony of "Ironman Journey", the closer the journey gets, the harder it is to find time to write.

So many of you saw from my facebook page that I was interested in the Paleo Diet. I put the question out there, and as suspected people love or hate it.  Many don't "agree" with the principles, and many think it's the best thing since (not eating) sliced bread.

You all know I've struggled with weight most of my life.  I just can't lose it! Last year, eating mostly right, and all the training I did resulted in almost no weight loss.  Sad because at one point I was training near 20 hrs a week!  Don't worry folks, yes I watched calories, yes I have been to a doctor and believe it not I was on a weight loss drug for a period last summer too.. the result was NADA!

Then came the holidays, cold weather, and 'rest' period from training. This resulted in me gaining 15lbs.  Awesome! No, I didn't drink myself silly or eat all cake, but I wasn't as careful and I certainly didn't stick to a diet, but I was reasonable.

I've tried every diet on the market.  My body just wants to have a higher fat content I think.   So a few friends  have had success with the Paleo, so I thought, even with the controversy, I'd give it a try.

The research is so conflicting on what is/ isn't included in this diet. So, I decided to go with my gut. I'm eating what I think is right given the premise "eat what is natural and not industrialized." That means cutting out processed grains, most dairy, and lots and lots of chemicals.

I have no idea what is right or wrong, for example: you can read one book and it says organic butter is ok, yet another says NO WAY. I'm just going to continue to do it my way, the results are there:

15 days, down 7 lbs.

I'm loving playing in the kitchen again. I am not loving the grocery bill!  We wonder why America is fat? well it's because most people can't afford to eat foods good for you!  I know I won't keep up with the fully organic everything, but I'll do my best.  This is what my kitchen counter looked like in preparing for breakfast and lunch at work, so much stuff!

My favorite dish so far, is probably not 100% paleo but it's close enough. Shrimp Scampi on spaghetti squash..  Spaghetti squash has become my new love! You can do so much with it, if you don't cut your arm off trying to prepare it.

Making lunch has been sorta fun. It does take some planning and lengthy AM preparations to eat healthy, but I have to say I'm not starving with this diet.  This was a turkey,tomato and avocado "lettuce' wrap.

 This was breakfast one day.  Poached egg, coconut butter on paleo bread with avocado and tomato to accompany!  I can do without the paleo bread, it is rather dry. I can't wait to try it in some sort of  casserole with it.

I've tried so many things these past two weeks. If nothing else I'm having fun discovering some healthy foods.

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