Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Night at The Pool

It's been a while since I had a random post about nothin', so here goes!

I almost drowned last night!

Normally I'm an AM workout person, I can't motivate myself to do anything after work, so 4AM it is for me!  I know the people at the gym at that time, athletes and old folks that just want to get the job done and start their day.  The AM has its share of grumpy people but hey it 2 hrs before the sun comes up!

Yesterday I had intended on my normal AM swim, then remembered I needed some fasting bloodwork.  It really isn't a good idea to go workout for an hour on an empty stomach so I opted to move my swim to the evening.

WHAT a difference in the people at the gym!  I got there and the pool was full so I waited for a lane (well half of a lane). I jumped in and my FIRST lane share partner was great, we didn't hit each other in any way.  The person in the NEXT lane kept hitting me under the rope, which I found slightly odd..... then she actually GRABBED My foot!  I thought "am I out of my line here?" (watching her alone, nope, she just was grabbing under the water?!).

There was a kid swim class going on in the first 2 lanes, they were cute and on my 'kick' sets I enjoyed watching them, and the parents.  So cute!  - the head back in the water!  My 2nd lane partner wasn't so nice!  His front half was fine, but he had this weird scissor kick that was as wide as someone doing the butterfly!  Hey I thought practice for IM!

THEN ... I was reminded of my time at Bally's.  Everyday there was something amusing or really annoying.  This dad and his kid just jumped into our lane.  I approached the wall and thought, uh? do I just TAG YOU IN?... they moved out of the way.. then proceeded to CHASE me, kicking and splashing.  They didn't bother my swim THAT Much, was simply very odd.  They kept this up in TWO lanes for about 20 min!

Then came my near drowning incident.

I look over under the water, there was a larger guy in the next lane, big round belly, tiny legs.  He had one of those flotation things around his waste, his legs were bent and he seemed to be 'walking' on his tippy toes.  ALL I could see and hear was Fred Flintstone and that sound when he would go bowling.. I snorted water in TWICE by trying to hold in my laughter.

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