Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon - The Good

It is hard to explain how I feel today so this is what I wrote yesterday!
I am devastated, disgusted, and dumbfounded at today's attacks! It is so close to home. I am not native to Boston, but I've been here for 17 years, so it is home. This isn't just an attack on humanity, but also a close personal attack on athletics. So many hopes and dreams are left out on race days. You train and think of nothing other than that personal triumph of crossing a finish line. So much was stolen from the athletes, the supporters, Bostonians, and Americans. Don't let them win. Everyone take this opportunity to go find a finish line and cross it for those who could not today. Do a 5k, 1mile fun run, anything! Take back the finish line.
I am horrified, as most of us are, at the pictures, videos, stories of yesterday.  It seems like a bad dream.  Normally Marathon coverage is uplifting, sometimes even overkill. There are so many really amazing stories, each athlete is running for something.  Racing is something you can't explain to those that don't do it. It is in your heart, your bones, your soul.  You can't help but watch  'uplifting' stories on Monday night or Tuesday.  Today those stories are missing and I want to offer two stories to share.

My friend Jay ran yesterday's Marathon in the time it takes me to do a HALF marathon!  He was racing for a really great cause, First Descents!   Jay was running to help provide outdoor experiences and adventures for young adult cancer fighters and survivors.

In addition to his great speed, great cause, he was central to a true family event.  His sister Megan is pregnant with her first child.  Megan had her ultrasound, had the results sealed in an envelope, and she handed to her brother Jay. No one but Jay knew the sex of the baby until yesterday.

The whole family waited for Jay at mile 23.

He greeted them with his "ITS A BOY" T-shirt!

He also carried little blue sneakers for 23 miles so he could hand them to his Sister.

Jay crossed the finish line a while before the bombings, but there was a slight where the family couldn't find each other.  Happy to report everyone is ok!

TO donate to Jay's cause please visit: http://www.crowdrise.com/teamfirstdescents2013/fundraiser/jasonbirri/

My second story is about my Pan Mass Challenge teammate  Kris, and her daughter Kayla.

Kris has run several marathons, but yesterday was the first DUO!  As a matter of fact, they are the first mother-daughter duo to RUN the Boston Marathon!

Kayla is 18 and suffers from mitochondrial disease.  Mom pushed Kayla 26.2 miles to this amazing accomplishment of being the FIRST!

Here they are at mile 17! *fb pic*

They are raising money for Children's Hospital, where Kayla has been a patient for years. They wanted to give back when Children's has given them so much!

Check out the story in the: Milford Daily News
Check out the Interview before the Marathon!

Kayla and Kris were one of the last few finishers before they shut down the race.  They passed by the explosion site just as it happened. Some family members required stitches from some shrapnel, but everyone is safe.

I am proud of them for finishing this, for fighting so hard and for doing something no other mother daughter team has ever done!  WAY TO GO!

The K girls are looking to raise $26K,check out their fundraising page to help push them over the edge! http://www.milesformiracles.org/boston/kgirls

**if you have other stories to share please do so on my facebook page for all to see!

Lastly, please consider taking back the finish line!  Go find a race and DO IT for everyone that could not cross yesterday!


  1. Hi,

    I was reading your post this morning and I thought I would share this video from Boston. I think your friends Kris and Kayla are in it at the 1:00 mark as well as the sounds of the blast. Let me know if it won't open for you. Perhaps they would like to see it.



    1. Hi Deb,I don't know how to contact you other than reply here. The link says "too many views" so you can't view or download the video.

    2. I just checked the link now and it appears to be working again. Perhaps there's a max per day. Anyone, I hope it works for you.


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