Friday, September 30, 2011

More Motivation: Finding YOUR Activity!

If Rick and Dick Hoyt don't motivate you.. well you're in the wrong place!

Getting Motivated is more than just looking at your friend and saying “eh I’d like to get in shape.” BOOORRING!!!!  You have to find what WORKS FOR YOU TO HAVE FUN!

It took me a LONG time to find that!  I used to love to play volleyball, that kept me active for a long time, but that’s not really a great activity for my EDS!  Also my scuba diving is awesome, especially diving in New England as it's pretty strenuous.

There are countless activities you can do that get you MOVING!  Take the kids for a ride on the bike (YOU RIDE TOO, don't just stand there and watch them).  There are so many cool trails out there now!  Go for a walk/hike, get a camera, you will be surprised how far you walk without knowing it when you’re interested in the scenery!

There are lots of different activities, please don’t just go to a gym, try it once and say “this sucks.”;because YEA that does suck!   I need the spin class with the loud rock, or to swim with an mp3 player blaring in my ears.  I get on a dreadmill once in a while and want to poke my eyes out!  

Take a bunch of different classes:  spin, aerobics, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, etc. You’ll eventually find something you LOVE.  If time is a problem, classes happen ALL of the time from pre-dawn bootcamps, to late night workouts.  No excuses!

Now me, I’m motivated by sports, friends, or numbers.  I just LOVE triathlons!  Once you're bitten by the bug it's a stupid addiction!   Seriously those of you that keep telling me “I could never do that..” GO WATCH  A RACE! 

You will find:
  • People 3x your weight!
  • People 3x your age!
  • People that have 3-4 more kids than you!
  • People that have less money than you!
  • People that have one less appendage than you!
  • People that are fighting Cancer!
  • People that have other disorders that you can’t see!

I know way too many people now that really ‘Can’t’ do it, if your legs work – you certainly can!  I’m soooo slow it's rather funny.    Speed is not a pre-requisite for the sprint triathlons; finishing is!   I can’t even explain what it feels like to finish your first one, or really to watch people finish their first one!! You accomplish something you NEVER thought you could do, and do something most people DON'T!   

 Stop with the excuses and as Nike says “Just Do It.” 

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