Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting Some Motivation

Everyone needs some right?  I’ve had so many people tell me that they would love to “do what I do” – (I will be writing MORE on this one)… but one thing that everyone needs to find is their own personal motivation!  Some dig positive reinforcement, some negative! 

Most of you know we lost one of our dogs in May, but before that we had the best example of opposite motivation! Same breed, both super sweet and gentle dogs, but Gemini was very, very, very  responsive to more ‘negative’ reinforcement.  Apollo on the other hand, POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT ONLY!  If you yell at him, he pouts for days.  If you would yell at Gemini, she would basically laugh at you.  If you had a squirt bottle or a can of pennies to ‘startle’ Gemini, she was all ears!  Very different, just like US! Both well behaved, but the path to getting there was sooo different!

It’s taken me a long time to figure out my own motivations.  Last weekend I was reminded of one of them.  I’m sorta negatively reinforced.  One of my relay buddies took a bunch of great pics at the race.  I was horrified at the pictures!  I would post them, however most of you would say “what are you talking about?”  

So here’s the deal, have someone take pictures of you doing some random activity (DO NOT POSE), then look them, closely.  I’m sure you’ll find something you don’t like, chin(s); batwings, bakery in your middle, extra person trying to escape from the arms of the wetsuit…..  You all know what I mean. 

We each find something in ourselves that we want to improve.  No one EVER keeps those pictures, and no friend EVER agrees with us when we say “LOOK AT THIS CRAP.”   I see a much smaller me when I look in the mirror, I don’t see what that camera just captured!   Our friends just say “oh that’s cute” (cute my gigantic butt)!

So, I have this picture;  it’s now stuck in my head.  I also have a pic that I did pose for and  I probably had spanks on, but who cares!  I have them side by side as a reminder of where I DO NOT want to be, and where I want to be!  (now don’t go get a picture from 25 years ago that is unrealistic).  Tape them somewhere that motivates YOU!  Inside of your closet, inside of your medicine cabinet where you brush your teeth, or if you’re brave, the refrigerator! (it won’t motivate you if you don’t see it).

I have a 13.1 magnet on my fridge.  I really want to be able to do a half marathon – it’s there to motivate me to keep moving!  I’ve never done one, but I will eventually.  When I do, I’ll take that magnet off the fridge, put it on my car and get a new one for the fridge (26.2)!

Find out what motivates you and put it IN YOUR FACE!

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