Sunday, October 28, 2012

Be not afraid!

I was cleaning out an old closet and found a poem I wrote as a teenager.  I must have profoundly understood my ambitions and 'be not afraid' attitude at that time.

As I look at next year's schedule and think about what I'm going to tackle, this is just perfect!

Life is uncertain.
as a fawn in the sight of a tiger
You sit still in the grass,
anticipating and waiting.
Who will make the 1st move?
Does he see you?

Your eyes are wide with anxiety,
for you are on the defense.
One blink and you could be gone.
Your life is in danger!
or is it?

How far away is he?
you will never know!
The grass around you seems to grow,
it covers and hides you.
Is this how you want to stay?
Covered and on the defense?

You see another fawn nearby.
What is she thinking?
She is frolicking through your hiding place,
without a care of the tiger.

Do you take the chance?
Should you live on the defense or have fun?

You decide to join your sister.
As you play in the tall grass,
a curious eye looks toward the tiger
only to see that it was just a shadow.

-Laura Slipski ~1989ish

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  1. Aw. Lovely poem!
    Would you mind if I shared it, crediting you?