Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 In the Bag!

2012 is in the bag. It will be all I can do to not sign up for more races this year!

I love training peaks, these #s astound even me.  They do add up so I recommend that you all track your workouts, you’ll be surprised and proud when you see the #s add up!

Cycled:  2272 Miles  -
 that is the distance from Los Angeles, CA to Flint, MI!

Ran: 184.5 Miles –
Pittsburgh to Columbus, OH! (ok doesn't sound as far, plus who wants to go to Columbus J).

Swam: 71.5 Miles –
Almost from Cuba to Key West, maybe I’ll finish the other 18.5 miles before the end of the year just to make that 90.

Races for 2012
  • YMCA  5K April 19th
  • Sheriffs Sprint triathlon April 24
  • Season Opener Sprint Tri May 13
  • Pawtucket Half marathon May 20
  • Woodstock 10K May 28. (3 additional miles)
  • Escape the cape Triathlon June 3
  • Firefighter 6K June 10 (extra 3 miles).
  • Mt Greylock Half Marathon June 17
  • Fairfield Half Marathon June 24
  • Providence Half Ironman July 8
  • Cranberry Olympic (Aquabike) Aug 26
  • Autism 50 mile ride Sept  15
  • ChesapeakeMan Aquabike Sept 29
  • Newport Half Marathon Oct 14

Intended schedule for 2013:
Join me!

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