Friday, May 6, 2011

You Are What You Eat

"You Are What You Eat" is the most Cliche statement ever, but it's so true!  I've proved it over the last few weeks!

Recently, I wrote about my Food Intervention and how I finally turned a corner in my need to eat better to fuel my body. I've never really had 'bad' food habits, but I know they're not that great. I get really grossed out at TERRIBLE eating habits.  I can't stand it when I watch people eat a 'salad' loaded with fried chicken, blue cheese, buttered croutons, then turn to me and say "oh I had a healthy meal" !?!?!

I even had a chat with the guy that runs the cafeteria at work.  They have no healthy options.  I don't mean for them to go off the deep end, but his idea of healthy is a 1600 calorie portion of pasta, or a half sandwich and cup of soup OF ANY KIND?!- He even called me out in a newsletter saying I asked him to create healthy choices.  UGH! not those kinds!

I usually watch my portions and I'm conscience of my fat/calorie intake, but I'm not eating there anymore.  

It wasn't until I really stepped up my workouts that I finally realized how much food is a part of my fuel. Many of my friends wanted to give me books about nutrition (don't feel guilty if you were one of these friends, I assure you there was more than one). Thing is, I KNOW, but I didn't WANT to!  I loved my carbs (see the food intervention post).

Anyway, about 3 weeks ago I decided I couldn't do it anymore. I had to make a switch. I started packing my lunch.  I made that smoothie in the AM, had the fresh fruit, cheese, fresh cut veggies, triscuits,whole grain turkey sand, etc.  And I have the NUMBERS to prove the efficiency!

I go to a spin class MWF that has a power meter and level gauge.  I'm not telling my 'numbers' for fear of embarrassment, but when I started I was pretty bad.  After building some strength I increased about 10%. Then when I changed my diet, my power and sustained level increased 25%.. yes 25%!!!  I tend to slack on the weekends, as it's expensive and a pain to make all the healthy food.  I noticed that Mondays I was about 5-10% weaker than on Wednesdays!

I'm starting to feel more and more guilty about eating crap (and by crap, I'm now thinking about the bowl of Panera Tomato SOUP I had last night)!  I know how it's going to slow me down, I know that the meal I chose didn't contain enough of a breakdown of protein and carbs, and it had way too much fat in it.  I don't like this guilt, but I guess it's putting me on my way to eating healthy all the time!

I do have more energy, although I can't say it makes me want to get up in the AM. I get up at 4:15AM so who "WANTS" to get up then??   I am more powerful though and the numbers show it!

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