Friday, February 18, 2011

Sad, Fat, Unhealthy, Society!

Yea, the name of my blog is a little tongue in cheek, a little true, and a little bit how I feel about myself. Sometimes I feel like a thin person, today was one of those days! 

Over the last couple of weeks, I've seen more and more how moronic some people are about food!  I know I don't eat right, but at least I KNOW what I'm doing and I KNOW its wrong. OK maybe that's worse?!

Today I was standing in line at Subway, and this man in front of me orders a foot-long Ham, Regular Egg, Bacon, Extra Cheese, Sandwich.  The clerk asked "would you like mayo on that?"  and he, with this swagger said "no thanks, I'm trying to keep it healthy."  I giggled to myself &  thought WOW, that's funny.  Then I thought about it for a while and it's actually pretty sad!  That man actually thought that sandwich was HEALTHY??

I'm cool if you want to eat that, and maybe he was treating himself!  But the thought that he THOUGHT that sandwich was  healthy because he 'left off the mayo' is disturbing! 

I had a few encounters like this lately!  Another, surprisingly younger person in my life is having some health issues.  I said "you should think about cutting down on the salt."  I know this person eats out a lot due to his job, he's on the road most of the time; he eats out; and  he eats a ton of  processed food at home.  His response "I NEVER put salt on my food, so I know I  don't eat much salt." !?!?!?!

Then there's my favorite (from a couple people in my life) -  "I eat healthy, I eat a salad every night." - yet I watch them  having a salad with store bought croutons, cheese, BLUE CHEESE or RANCH dressing, and BREADED CHICKEN or fish doused in OIL on it?!?!?!  

Are we really this mis-informed as a society?   I personally have a problem with food because I love it, I love eating it, I love how it smells, I love my carbs, but I'm making 'wiser' choices.  Brown's instead of whites.  Lean protein, smaller portions, etc.  I'll never stop eating my bagels or my pizza - it's who I am but I KNOW IT'S BAD.  I'm not going to 'hold the peperoni" and suddenly say "ooh I had a healthy pizza today." ?!?!

I am very disturbed today, no wonder other countries are loooking at us saying 'FAT AMERICANS!' -

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  1. Hear hear!!!!! I'm right there with you - it seems like you'd have to be living under a rock not to know some of these things, but there are so many people in this country that don't have a clue. Food education is sorely lacking and healthy choices are often more expensive than unhealthy ones so the issue keeps propagating! People believe what they want to believe. Don't get me wrong, I've made plenty of bad choices in my life to get myself to the weight I'm at now, but I've never had the mistaken belief that any of it was going to get me closer to my goal!

    Anyway, I love your blog, keep up the great work :)