Thursday, February 10, 2011

I would love to, but..

I can't tell you how many times I hear "I would love to do a 5K, but... ", or "I would love to go to the gym but... "! I have friends, colleagues, or just random people that see what I’m doing and they tell me, "I would love to do what you do but.. " then they insert one of a few generic excuses in there. I bet any one of you can recite them as you've heard them too. "I don’t have time, I'm too busy, the kids are busy, I'm too out of shape to start to work out, its too expensive to join a gym... etc."

No one believes me that you CAN make time for yourself. John and I don’t have children so everyone assumes I have all the time in the world. I assure you, I'm just as busy as the next person.. BUT don't take it from me! I have friends that have not one, but multiple children (some up to four and five).  Single parents, parents of traveling spouses, parents of special needs children, you name it AND THEY DO IT. So here's my motivation.. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. YOU CAN DO IT.. but here's the kicker..

ONLY IF YOU WANT TO! Ask yourself, do you WANT to? if you don’t REALLY want to, stop there, and stop staying "I'd love to..... " if you do want to.. make a change, make a choice, and DO IT!

At any given time, there's 47 other things I SHOULD be doing, my house is a wreck, my car needs an oil change (actually I have a leak that I have to get checked out before it dies). I need to write my thank you's for my Pan Mass Challenge donations! I need to ... well everything!.... I choose to get up 3 hours before the SUN gets up so I can work out. I choose this lifestyle. I don't love it every day, but I know I have to do it.

Laura's Myth #1:
Gyms are expensive.

Gym's aren't expensive! You can find 'cheap' ones. You do get what you pay for though.  I found a Bally's for $24 a month and it includes a pool. There are many out there that are less than a coffee! You can work out at home for sure, but will you be disciplined there? I personally am not.

Laura Myth #2

You have to get in shape to get in shape. Pulaheese... really? walk in place while watching your fav tv show, lift the green bean cans. Set a goal. People look at me like I've set some crazy goal to do triathlons, really it's not outlandish for any of you! You CAN walk the run, you CAN use your banana seat bike with the basket (we all might giggle at the pics, but you CAN).  Setting a goal of something like a triathlon or a 5K is so much more fun than "I will get fit before I set that goal.." BOORRING... and you will lose interest!

Laura Myth #3

You don’t have time.

Yes you do.. Some of the people I know can fit in IRONMAN training while holding up families, coaching soccer, etc it takes discipline, dedication and the desire to actually do it. Time management... You have to want it. Figure out how to multitask if that's your issue. If they can do that, why can’t you do that 5K you claim to “want to do?”

Laura Myth #4

Laura's a positive person - LOL.. ok, in all seriousness, I try to be - but sometimes it can be tough. Like today's post.. well, obviously spawned by the straw that broke the camel's back! Either DO IT.. or admit that you don’t want to :).


  1. Amen Sister!!! Thanks for touching on the kids thing too- I get that all the time, plus I'm not married on top of that lol. I'm very very busy but I fit in my gym and workout time :) love it!

  2. Totally, totally agree. Can I add one smidge of advice that is helpful for me? Put your date with the gym (or your outside run or bike or whatever) on your calendar like you would any other appointment that you can't miss. When the reminder pops up on your screen, put on your sneakers and go.