Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Setback

My first triathlon should have been the Danskin New England - All Women's Tri in 2007. I was in ok shape with the exception of running. I hate running and felt that I could walk 3 miles if need be.

About 3 weeks before the race, I was 12 miles into a nice 18 mile ride in the country. It was a beautiful ride, I was taking in the sights including passing the farms, the cows, the rolling hills, the blue skies, and even the dogs chasing me.

Then it happened! I heard a large truck and decided, stupidly, to move onto the side of the road even though there was plenty of room for both of us. The second I moved over I felt the front tire catch and I just fell over. Instinctively I stuck my arm out to break the fall. At first I was more embarrassed than anything that I just fell over, then I realized that my wrist really hurt.

I had my cell phone with me but I'm incredibly stubborn so I just got back on the bike and rode home, swearing the whole way. I rode into the driveway and my husband just looked at me and asked "are you OK?" I said "I think I need to go to the hospital."

Turns out I fractured my radial head (in my elbow). Luckily it wasn't put in a cast.

The doctor told me I wasn't permitted to race! Man that was frustrating!

I met Anne (my training partner) at the finish line. It was her first Tri as well. She was one I convinced to join me on this journey but she overcame a hatred for the water to complete a triathlon. She and I spent hours and hours together in the water getting her comfortable. I was so proud of her at the finish line, but it was very emotional for me. I was mad I wasn't doing it, but so proud of Anne.

My day would come the next year.

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