Friday, February 5, 2010

Information Gathering

Damn there is a ton of information out there! Everyone has an opinion! Just trying to buy a hear rate monitor was a 3 week endeavor. I ended up with the Garmin 305 with the bike and foot cadence monitors. I am quite the geek and I'm very driven by numbers so I think these will really drive me!

Yesterday I met with a friend, Sean, who has done 15 Ironman races including a few trips to Kona. He's serious about the racing. As we were talking he gave me this really goofy grin. I asked "what the heck are you looking at me like that for?" he said "I forgot what it was like in the beginning, how exciting it was about the goals and the newness of it." He also said "you do know this isn't the end, right? there are other extreme events that you will want to do after this."

Ok.. seriously??

I looked at some more pictures of the finish line, and of the swim today. WOW - I can't even imagine this road ahead, let alone what it will feel like to be there that day!

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