Thursday, December 26, 2013

Virtual Run for a Cause

You may have seen a 'virtual run' listed somewhere and wondered, WHAT IS THAT?

Well, it is a really great way to support a cause, get some bling, and do 'it' on your own time!

I am hosting a Virtual Run in 2014 to support my Pan Mass Challenge fundraiser.  I am providing a limited edition collectible medal for 192 people.  192 is a special number as that is the number of miles in the Pan Mass Challenge.

HOW FAR is the run:
You walk or run however far you want. 1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles, half marathon or marathon,or any combination thereof. 
There are no times, so you are on your honor, also this gives you the opportunity to TRY without feeling the stress of a 'race.'
WHEN is the run:
ANYTIME you want, however I won't have the medals until Late March. They will be mailed out on April 1.  That's the beauty of a virtual run, if you want to do a 10 miler at 8PM on a Tuesday.. you CAN!
WHERE is the run:
ANYWHERE you want, treadmill, on the beach on vacation, around your neighborhood.. or even if you participate in another race, you can count it and wear the PMC medal with pride!
What is this "Pan Mass Challenge"  
I ride in a very successful bike-o-thon every year that benefits Cancer Research and Care.   5000 cyclists ride 192 miles from Sturbridge MA to Provincetown MA over 2 days
and last year alone, the raised $39 million dollars, where 100% of rider donations go directly to care and research.  Yes you heard that right, 100% *
My story and why I ride can be found here: PMC Link 
You can also read about what it means to ride in the PMC here.   What it's like to ride!
Each participant must raise $4300, and that is why I'm hosting a virtual run. I thought it was a good way to do something FUN with all of you, and still raise money for the PMC! 
 Why should I participate?
  • Because, unfortunately, just about everyone is touched by cancer
  • Because this is a limited edition medal
  • Because most of you are running anyway, why not get some bling out of it?
  • Because you are awesome and want to support awesome causes
How can I participate:
Go to this link and donate $35
Please note that I needed to use YouCaring so I could cover the cost of shipping and the medal. If you are uncomfortable with that method, please message me fatgirlironmanjourney @ and I will give you an alternative method.  
I will send out Medals when I receive them on March 28th.   These medals, although 2" in size, are awesome and are designed and printed by the same folks that do Ironman and the Boston Marathon.  If this event is successful I plan on doing it every year, and every year the Medals will be more exciting.

Thank you for your support!

**here is a facebook event for the Run,  Please note that it did not allow me to have an 'open' date, so remember the date is arbitrary'

* There is a cost associated to this virtual run, I guarantee at least $25 of your $35 will go to the PMC, most likely more depending on shipping costs to your house from mine.

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