Monday, December 16, 2013

Post Ironman Slack - Importance of working out, especially for EDS

I sit here 6 weeks post Ironman and  6 lbs up from the race (actually 5 days post IM was my lowest IM weight). I'm frustrated, feeling puffy, wiggly, and very out of shape.  I should be in the best shape of my life, instead I let my excuses get the best of me.

It is typical for post-Ironman to give into to the "you did that, so you get a break", but you have to be careful how far you take that excuse.

I ate Cheesy Fries with Bacon and some sort of high-fat dip for I swear 6 meals in a row.  I've been loading on cookies, pasta, and anything gross.  I did watch the scale. I did 'intend' on going to the gym, but every 5:45AM spin class gave me an excuse.   My coach even iterated "You need to stay active, if you don't you will regret it."- Yup Coach, I regret it.

I've spent the last 2 years with a coach, with workouts planned for me, with the accountability to 'get it done.'  Turns out, I am a total slacker without that accountability.

I imagine many of you have that same accountability problem, so I've created a 'myfitnesspal' account.  If you would like to share accountability with me, my username is fatgirlironmanjourney .

I've been slapped in the face with EDS lately too, on something that I KNOW already but I guess choose to ignore!?  For those of us with EDS it is SO important to work out.  Our muscles are all that hold us together, without them, we are wet noodles!

Ligaments, tendons, and anything connective tissue related can be pretty useless.  Our muscles need to be strong to compensate for any of that laxity.  I made the mistake of not working out for 6 weeks, and I'm paying the price.  My neck is the most wiggly thing on me.  Loose bones in the neck cause Migraines (even for non-EDS folks).

Yesterday I somehow subluxed something in my esophagus!? I didn't know that was possible.  What that means is I have to keep my head down or it hurts the front of my neck. I have to keep my head back with perfect posture to prevent migraines.. you see where this is going?

There is no relief except to get my butt back to the gym and restore these muscles!  Unfortunately EDS muscles have a very rapid atrophy rate.  Many of us get in downward spirals, where we are active and put together, have a bad week, can't go to the gym, which makes it worse, which make the following week bad, and so on and so on, never letting us catch up.

Morale of this story - DO NOT STOP, Ironman training was actually pretty good for me!  No excuse is worth the pain and fat collection!

If you want to be accountable, create a myfitnesspal account and let's share data. Once we have some folks on there, I will create a private group for discussions!

Good luck with the Holidays.  May you balance out your enjoyment of the holiday food with some good workouts!

I do have some plans for FY14, I'll share them with you all on Facebook.  I hope to see many of you at some of the events!

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