Friday, April 20, 2012

You know you train too much or are addicted to triathlons when....

  • You think 1 workout in a day is a '"DAY OFF"
  • You look forward to the next training session to beat what you did the day before
  • You automatically reach for the pocket in the back of your shirt, even during work hours
  • You smell like chlorine no matter WHAT you do
  • You forget how to drink from a cup, no squeeze top, no workie..
  • You have everything with you to shower at all times
  • You always have 3-4 pair of shoes with you at all times (bike, run, shower, work)
  • You are constantly charging gadgets (ipods, HR monitors, GPS, gopro helmet cam)
  • You check your workout 'stats' 3x a day
  • You own about 7 different kinds of lube (body, bike, etc) and KNOW how to use them
  • You get a weekly massage and it is NOT a relaxing experience
  • You get excited when you see a workout gear sale, but can't figure out when you can get there
  • You offer to 'run' to the hardware store, but then realize you have to carry the items back in your POCKET
  • You have a designated dresser (or room) for your workout / race gear
  • Your bike lives in the living room
  • Your bike is worth more than your car
  • Your house is a disaster
  • You have 3x as much laundry than anyone else in the house
  • Your spouse forgets who you are
  • Your dog forgets who you are
  • The neighbors think you got a divorce because your car is always there, but you aren't

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