Monday, April 30, 2012

NOT on Your Left!

The good, the bad and the ugly!  That about describes my race.  Ali, Ericka and I decided to do the Sheriff's sprint triathlon in Ludlow, MA yesterday.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, except for the temp.  When we left the house it was 26 degrees!  30 for the start! YIKES!  Pool swim, but you still have to go ride your bike WET!

I had a vendetta against this course.  Last time I was LAST, complete with the police escort (that I wanted to punch in the face) she meant well 'you go girl.'  That and they were taking the damn finish line DOWN when I got there.  It wasn't totally my fault though, because they messed up the timing of the swim.  You are assigned a start based on your 300 swim time.  They put me in 12 minute 300??  (I could probably sleep a 12).  Instead of letting us go get in line, they did an entire restart, making me the last 20 to START. Needless to say, that made me LAST on the whole course.

This time, I decided I was NOT going to be last.  I've been training and I'm in better shape (albeit lots fatter) but still.. I had it!

The swim was pretty good, even though I HATE pool swims.  So much outside of your control can happen! Even laughter.. like THIS GUY!  wow he's got hootspa to wear that!

The first 3 laps were good, then the guy behind me passed me, which is cool.  I drafted from him for about 20 yards,  Then of course he slowed down!  UGH  The last lane is pretty small and for some reason was a clog of people.  There was no where to go except swim in this guy's wake.  I definitely lost 15-20 seconds at least from that!

Exit the pool and go get my bike, fine no problems.  It's cold so you have to put more clothes on that normal, that makes T-time longer.  I was right next to the "bike out" so that was nice.  I took off.  Only heard ON YOUR LEFT TWICE!  For real?  I hear "ON YOUR LEFT" every 5 seconds every other race.  I did however, pop my chain on a hill.  I never do that!  Another 20 seconds!

I knew I should push harder, I also wanted to practice my eating, drinking for the longer races.  I slacked a little bit on one of the hills.  In no time, I was back in transition.

I ran to my area, put my shoes on, grabbed my hat and race belt and took off.  Then I looked at the 'RUN OUT' - no mat?  For real? I looked around for another 15 or so seconds. I totally thought I was in the wrong area.  Then I realized they weren't tracking T-times!  grrr.. lost time!

Then to top THAT Off, I set my multi-sport setting wrong on the Garmin.  I went from Other to Bike to BIKE? I am a slave to my speed on the Garmin.  For some reason I can't tell the difference between 15 and 11 min mile!  I finally got it situated after about 2 minutes of fumbling!  grrr...

But, as I ran, people were NOT passing me in droves!  No one 'ON MY LEFT'  WOOHOO!  Maybe 20 people passed me. Amazing!  As I rounded the corner to come back I saw others just starting.  FOR REAL? I wasn't going to be LAST? I was doing a race with OTHERS?  how frickin cool!

I only walked a little bit, I totally shouldn't have either.  They had the water stand at the bottom of this hill.  It was just so easy to take a drink then keep walking up that hill.  DUMB, there was another 30 seconds gone.

I ran the rest of the way, never passing anyone but no one was PASSING ME !   Ericka was waiting, and I knew Ali was just behind me. (To be clear, Ali beat me but started after me lol).

We went and anxiously waited the results.  I was 4th Athena.  Losing by 1:30.  Not only could that have been taken with my dumb mistakes, but ALSO I think there was a timing glitch.  I can only assume that the glitch happened to the other person too so I'm just going to let that go.  I'm so aggravated that I COULD have been 3rd if I choose differently.  Lesson learned, this race will be in my head next time!

Lastly, there is NOTHING like triathlon pictures to motivate you to lose weight!  Good Grief. I'm bigger than last year and man it shows.  Today starts new eating habits, I don't want to see those pics again! (and as honest as I am here, I'm not posting those)!

I have another race in 2 weeks, then a HALF MARATHON in 3 weeks!  YIKES!

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  1. Great job, Laura!! You've been training like an animal lately, you deserve every kudo!

  2. Laura you should be so proud of yourself! Nice job! Every race is a learning step for the next race. Look at how much you learned! You go girl :-)

  3. Wow Laura! You continue to be inspiring. Keep it up!