Monday, April 11, 2011

Steel or Mush?

Steel or Mush?

I'm having a hard time trying to decipher which direction I'm going!   Am I turning into a pile of Mush or a Steel machine?   My groups of friends also view me soooo differently!

I have two distinct 'camps' of friends  (well three really).  My Tri friends and my non-Tri friends then my Tri friends can be lumped into hard core and the casual. 

I have ventured into this vortex, Dante's Inferno if you will!  I currently feel embarrassed of my training on so many levels!  If I would post what I am doing, my hard core tri-friends would be horrified at my 'lack' of training. If they saw my training schedule they would yell at me and say "and you want to do WHAT in 12 weeks?"  My non-tri friends would be horrified at 'how much' I'm doing.  My casual tri friends would get it, they're in the same boat, encouraging and we all are just trucking along!

I'm a member of the YMCA now, because Bally's up and closed.  It's great, but I don't like the price!  The Spin class at 5:45AM is just AMAZING.  The instructor plays my kind of music and gets in my head "just enough". Problem is, this class is a 'reservation' class and I often forget to call!  I can get up at 4:30 AM to get my rear end to a spin class where I know I have a seat, but for a WAIT LIST? hm.. the snooze button is just a click away!

I'm having a hard time finding all the hours I need to work out.  I am trying to get 4 days during the week and 1-2 weekend days. I should be doing more if I want to COMPLETE the Half-Ironman in 12 weeks!  Unfortunately this race isn't about "yes you can do it girl." This one has a time limit.

Swim: 1 hour and 10 minutes after the final wave start.
Bike: 5 hours and 30 minutes after the final wave start.
Run: 8 hours and 30 minutes after the final wave start.

Swim - no problem..
Bike - eh Should be no problem unless some issue..
Run. - there's my problem..

I have so much to do between now and then I think my head might explode!  I just officially requested Friday's off between now and then.  I'm glad I've been at my job for 14 years and have that much vacation time!  Also,  I am doing the Pan Mass Challenge (192 mile bike ride to raise money for Cancer) and I'm fully and I mean FULLY engulfed in several fundraising events, not to mention training for THAT event! 

A friend called me an overachiever today.  I'm rapidly pushing the 40 mark and I'm still filling my schedule like I'm 20, so I guess that's an accurate statement.   I just wish I could live on no sleep like I did when I was 20! 

I am having fun and I'm glad the glacier in front of the house is finally gone.  I have my first race in 4 weeks!  I can't even imagine how cold that lake is going to be (are you allowed to put Vodka in your water bottle?).

Well, I will end it with, I am working HARDER with every workout.  I am digging deeper with each step of my run, each stroke of my swim, and each rotation of the bike.  I KNOW I have it in me, and I am looking for the bottom.  There is fight in this girl!

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