Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Delusions of Fitness

It has been month since I've worked out!  I've gained 7 pounds!  I'm not married to the scale but man I hate that!  I've had a ton to think about though in these last 30 days!

I really need to get back into things, so I created the Facebook support page for this blog!  Thanks to those who have "Liked" me, if you haven't please do .. (shameless plug)!  look to the right for the LIKE button.

I started to look at next year's schedule.  I put myself down for a half marathon in March and a HALF IRON in July! I need to find a Marathon, then more importantly I need to figure out HOW TO RUN!  I had this same problem last year, I set my schedule and had all these plans for the year and then suddenly spring was here.. I hope to not let it happen like that next year!  Delusions.. I hope they aren't all Delusions!!

Some of you know that my tri-coaching partner was hit by a car while I was on vacation.  She also owns a bootcamp in town!  She was due to have surgery yesterday and I agreed to help with the bootcamp while she was recovering.  I've coordinated fitness groups before with no problem, specifically swimming/tri groups, but I'm knowledgeable in the other areas too. I spent a few days at bootcamp with Alexis,  where the women were introduced to me as a "workout leader"." As most of you have probably gleaned, I am up to any challenge, so even though the number of women was a little intimidating, I was ready for it!

WELL, yesterday, while Alexis was supposed to be in surgery I get a text from her. At first I thought someone stole her phone, then I thought she was just high on the drugs :).  Turns out that her clavicle was healing nicer than expected and NO SURGERY NEEDED.  Awesome!  I was looking forward to the challenge, but also relieved and happy for her to not be opened up!

Since I had already planned on getting up at 4AM, I decided to ATTEND bootcamp.  I totally felt like a male gynecologist (no equipment, yet all the knowledge).  I felt like all the women were looking at me &  looking at how pathetic I was doing the exercises. I felt like saying "hey, even though I may look pathetic, I DO know what I'm talking about :)"

I've been reading a ton about my Ehlers Danlos Syndrom (EDS) and many things are making sense now. This was my first workout since the diagnosis.  The first revelation was the mountain climbers.  I've always hated them, but today realized WHY!  Every time I brought my left leg up, it would click OUT OF PLACE!  ouch.. all of these years I totally thought I was just out of shape and couldn't make this work!

Another issue was with push-up and planks.  I've always had "weak wrists" and it really frustrated me. I thought "am I really that weak???" Well today I realized it's simply because of the EDS.  I had a hard time making sure my wrists were straight and stable.  (they move a LOT).  Also, if I had to drop to my knee at all, my knee caps would simply MOVE over..  again OUCH!

My last revelation was in a shoulder-weight exercise.  I was only using 5lb weights which were no problem 'muscle' wise, but I noticed that every time I got to a certain point that my entire shoulder would just move out!  I have to now figure out a way to do these exercises without pulling the joints out of place!

I'm now pumped that I'm not as pathetic as I thought!  I really did think that I was a slacker and just wasn't working hard.  I may have to re-learn some exercises, but I'm up to the challenge!  Plus, I have to figure out how to run, and at this point, there's not much wrong with my legs.. other than my brain :)...

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