Friday, September 3, 2010

A Year of Firsts

This year was a year of first for me!  I've been doing Tri's for a few years, but I tackled many of my fears this year, and had many firsts that I hope to not have seconds!!

I have done the following for the first time this year:

  • Started a blog 
  • Completed 7 triathlons in 1 year
  • Competed in a Pool Tri *annoying*
  • Competed with Men *what was I worried about??*
  • Competed in the Ocean *ok that was COLD*
  • Competed in 17 mph winds with 35 degree air temp.
  • Competed in 62 degree lake water
  • Completed my first Olympic Distance *.9 swim, 26 mile bike, 6.1 mile run*
  • Competed with a migraine (2 different races)
  • Added DRUGS to my transition layout *no not steroids, just the migraine drugs, but still an interesting addition*
  • Became a swim coach/mentor
  • Became an official swim buddy coordinator
  • Had my picture on the front page of a race organization site (not bad for a slow gal)
  • Had an article published in a different race director's newsletter
  • Finished Dead Last - complete with my own police escort
  • Finished 2nd Place in my Category
  • Crossed over 1000 miles on my bike *during the Olympic race*
  • Became somewhat ok with unflattering pictures of my rear end and other body parts (inevitable in tri's) 
  • Spilled Chicken Salad in my shoe --TWICE!!!
  • Splashed Milk in my eye
  • Puked at the end of a race (ok not the first time for that lol).
  • Ran 1.5 miles BAREFOOT.. nope not with those shoes, on a track in my bare feet!
  • Rode more than 30 miles in a single training session
  • Swam more than 2 miles in a single training session
  • Decided I REALLY am going to do an Ironman, finish in 17 hrs or not!
Lastly, and most importantly.... 
  • Discovered that this sport has the best people, and the greatest friends!


  1. Exciting year for you, my friend! Congrats on all you've accomplished. You should be proud!

  2. Laura, Isn't it fun to think back at what an amazing year it has been? And here it is only the beginning of September! :)