Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am – Athena!

I am humbled by the number of people that are not only reading my blog, but are taking the time to tell me their stories.  I have people I don’t know telling me their plights, and even how I’ve inspired them to get off the couch.  I find it hard to believe that I’m inspiring anyone but it keeps me writing.  Today’s post is something I normally wouldn’t write about, but I feel that it needs to be said, and I write for all the Athena’s out there!

For those that don’t know, “Athena” is the nice word that Triathlon gives to the fat girls.. and by fat they mean anyone over 150 pounds.  It’s kinda like the “Women’s” section of clothing.. if you don’t know any better you might think “mature” – nope just means fat.  And if you’re like me and Short, you get to shop in “Petites”  -- ok "Petite-Woman” sounds so much better than “short fat section.”  Just like ATHENA is much cooler than “fat chick category.”  I guess it’s better than the men’s category: “Clydesdale” – I’d rather be a Goddess than a damn big horse :)

Fat is a relative term, I have friends that have given me the hairy eyeball “you’re not fat, shuttup, I’d be happy to weigh what you weigh.”  I also have friends that I used to be embarrassed to sit next to on the beach because they’re hot and I felt like I needed to cover up with a towel.   I am, by medical “statistics”  obese- I’ve worked out HARD this past year and, I completed 7 triathlons!  I can swim over 2 miles [updated 2012- 4 miles], I can ride 30+ miles [updated 2012 - 112 miles].  Seriously, they can bite me, I’m not obese, I’m “fit-fat” – is there such a thing?   I know how to wear my clothing, I choose not to wear clothing where my parts are hanging out!  I also choose not to show the tri pictures that are unbelievably unflattering! These are the reasons that people feel the need to tell me "you're not fat."

I hear stories of women who have lost 100 pounds, and are now triathletes!  I am not in that category, you guys ROCK!  I am destined to be a double digit size forever and I thank my relatives for that!  No matter what I do, I will have to drag the extra 30 lbs on the bike (hm.. go with Carbon fiber bike? Or just get rid of some fat).

I’ve learned to be ok with it, fighting with the scale gives me nothing but grief and makes me want to have a date with a pizza.  No matter what I do that needle does NOT move.  I’m getting too old to care about what people think.  So what if those 20-somethings think “omg what is that old fat chick doing in a bathing suit” – it's me and I can swim circles around them!    Triathlon has been amazing, it has given me something to focus on that has NOTHING to do with that number on the scale!

I am learning to watch my food intake for its power and how my body will use it for fuel, not what I will or will not see on the scale the next day. I am learning to enjoy working out for the fun of it, for the greatness of the sport, for the camaraderie of it.  I am seeking new heights in triathlon to see how far I can push myself. 

I’ve had a few people tell me to change the name of my blog, but the real story is, I’m a fat gal, but I’m fit!  I can do an endurance race at over 70-80% of my maximum performance for over four hours [updated 2012- 10 hours]!  Can you skinny people do that :)

I am fat!
I am fit!

**This awesome Athena artwork was created  by Alayna Lemmer  and was published with permission.


  1. There are a lot of people inspired by you, and very proud of you. Count me in both of those categories!

  2. Ditto, girl! You actually got me in the pool--now THAT is an accomplishment!