Thursday, July 29, 2010


I've been thinking lots about adjustments lately, adjustments to my workouts, to my body, to my equipment, to my eating, etc.  Too many things to think about!

I'll start with eating, we all know I have a problem with food!  I've made some adjustments - I started to make a conscience effort to include more protein.  I enjoy my bagel with light cream cheese a couple days a week, but I also have my homemade quiche the rest of the time!   I know we can keep reading about it, but the carbs in the bagel are great, but they make me crash quicker than the proteins!  All this working out and I haven't lost a single pound,  I've actually gained weight so we all know this is where the problem lies!

Another "food "adjustment I made was moving from the G2 Gatorade to Skinny Water. I love G2, but since I can't drink much of anything else, I was drinking LOTS of it.  I didn't realize how much extra SALT I was consuming until I went diving one day and couldn't get my wetsuit over my calves!  (Then proceeded to put a hole in the $500 wetsuit)! -- onto Skinny Water and that seems to have solved that problem, I'm not a gigantic bloated mess anymore!

If you read my blog, you know that I'm hyper-mobile, so I'm always getting adjusted from a bones standpoint, I can't go a week without something falling out of place.  Before I started training, I could go months, now its 5 days before I start to feel it.  It's nice that I'm body aware, but its getting old.  I went to get my road bike re-fitted and during the fit she measured my legs, one leg was significantly longer than the other, I'm like "wait" -- wiggled around a little.. "how's that?" -- yea I can move it around... It made for an interesting bike fitting that's for sure.

So, I did get my bike adjusted. I knew I needed it, but didn't realize HOW MUCH I needed it.  Apparently I've been riding several inches too low on the seat, too big of a saddle, cleats in the wrong spots, handle bars in the incorrect position.. hm.. that's why I'm slow :)..   I can't wait to go out and ride tonight to see if it makes a difference, or if there are so many changes that I'll just be in pain! I know my rear end will be in pain.  That new saddle is..... skinny.... I didn't have an old lady seat before, it was the one that came with the bike!  But apparently my waggling back and fourth  wasn't due to anything other than me trying to keep my butt on the seat! who knew??

I'm starting to really think about running, been stressing about running shoes.  My current shoes are massive, and have big orthotics.  I am ready to go to the Evo (no Toe shoes for me.. ewe), but I went into the Running store the other day and they half talked me into a cross-country shoe (minimalist shoe).  UGH.... too many things to think about!!!!

John is getting good at taking pictures, but with that comes my scrutiny of my form on ALL THREE Sports!  I found several adjustments I have to make swimming too.. I really had no idea I was picking my head out of the water that far to breathe, maybe he was catching the sighting breaths only.. but still.. 

4 Weeks until my first Olympic distance Tri, I really need to iron out these adjustments!  Then the 50 mile ride for Autism in Sept.

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  1. Thanks for the kind note. Funny you choose IRONing out your adjustments. hehe