Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time For Coaching

I've been working with a personal training for several months now. I've been working on strength and burst cardio mostly. I've been spending time in the pool doing laps, as well as a few spin classes a week. typically I spend about 5-7 hrs a week at the gym.

My problem is I'm never satisfied! (my poor parents, and yes my poor husband - mind out of the gutter people)!!

A year ago if someone said I would be spending 5-7 hrs at the gym I would have told them that's nutz. Now I know that's just not enough time. Seriously how much is enough? If I did everything I "WANTED" to do, I swear I'd have to quit my job and just live at the gym. Time to step it up a bit though! Coaching here I come!

Saturday I went to a private Total Immersion (TI) swim lesson with Alexis. Now, I know how to swim. I have a consistent stroke, and I do "ok" in a race. I'm by NO MEANS fast! I knew going into this that I was going to have to re-think some things but HOLY COW..

For those that know TI, you'll give me the 'uh-huh' for those that don't - read up on it, its great! Apparently me being a diver is contra to my swimming. I do things underwater that are absolutely backwards of what is supposed to be done on the surface.

The one thing that's going to be so hard for me is to look down!! I look forward (yea I don't like to run into things and I want to see what's around me).. but head down will keep my momentum better.

So we got through a few drills, luckily my dive training has taught me to hold my breath for quite a while so I can actually get through longer drills this way. We got through 'fish' and 'skate'. I have to constantly think about where my head is and where my arm is. Then as I add a step to think about my rotation and again, WHERE my head is and where my ARM is.. UGH.. too much thinking for the pool!

The pool usually is my yoga, I zone out and can swim for miles in a totally zen state. I know this coaching is great and it will help me excel in the sport, but its so hard to stop and RE-LEARN. I just hope I can get back to that zen!

We have another lesson next Sat - 2 hrs in the pool. I actually can't wait. Then on the 20th I have a Chi-Running clinic. Hopefully my brain won't explode!


  1. You will be ready to do this thing in no time!!!! And as one would suspect, you will do it very well.

    Keep up the hard work.

  2. Great job, Laura! I'll see you on Saturday for the next TI lesson. Isn't Cathy great?