Friday, March 5, 2010

Glycogen Depletion

I've spent many years pretending to go to the gym, or other activities and when it gets really tough I make up some excuse as to why I need to stop.

"My knee hurts", "My foot hurts", "I'm tired", "I'm sore".. etc. I've always had those excuses, and when I felt that I was too tired to keep going I just stopped and said "good job." Well, I've hit this crazy wall and I know I can do better (see previous post about me not being satisfied).

I've had two workouts recently where I've actually reached glycogen depletion. It is the absolute weirdest thing. My brain says "GO, YOU ARE NOT DONE WITH YOUR WORKOUT" but my body says "NOPE - I'M DONE!!!"

I've always wondered what happened to marathon runners when they just collapse, I can't help but think "hey they did all that training, why don't they just get up and suck it up?" - Well.. now I know.

Well I learned that fully this week. Once you've depleted your glycogen levels there is NOTHING, I mean NOTHING left.

That's why nutrition is soooo important for endurance sports!!!

I'm glad I got to feel that sensation in a controlled setting!

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  1. Awesome learning opportunity. One more thing to put in your IM toolbox.