Monday, October 24, 2016

MCM - tough training year

This is reposted from the Fatgirl Facebook page:

Yesterday I told you I was nervous, today I’ll tell you why. And tomorrow.. I’ll tell you why I’m not backing down from Trying to beat the Bridge at Marine Corps Marathon.
Most know I have EDS. It’s that pesky disorder that not only affects my joints, it causes migraines, dislocations, chronic pain, but other issues that I don’t talk a lot about. I’ve found myself in this pretty cool position in life to educate others about it, and to help inspire people with EDS to get out and start moving. No matter what, just do ‘something.’ For some that’s doing one toe raise from their hospital bed, for others it’s doing an Ironman. We’re all so different. When I want to quit from pain, I think of the people who have reached out to me over the years who have said they were able to see the light because I showed them “they could.” In my dark days I think of a few of those folks and I just shuttup and “go do it.”
This year has been interesting. I changed jobs, increased my workload (and stress) and well, I’m getting older. EDS was not kind to me this year. My autonomic dysfunction issues have increased significantly. The best way to describe it is my body knows how to go 100MPH or slam on brakes- nothing in between. I have a really hard time working out when it’s hot out, not like your normal issues, I mean my BP goes through the floor, I sweat like someone is dumping a buckets over my head, and my body temp drops. This results in nausea, vomiting and me curled up in a ball for a period of time. If I’m lucky enough to not have these drastic issues, the body goes into ‘freeze’ mode. When I stop running, my body will visibly shake and shiver, my lips turn blue and friends freak out (except those that know me). I actually am ‘ok’ in this situation. I just have to take a hot shower.
These are just a couple of the autonomic issues that are going on, some others are GI related. A food will be fine for me one day then the next puff me up like a marshmallow. It gets old. I threw in the towel this year for Ironman. (IMMD). All of you know I DNFed the bike of Rev3. My legs just stopped working about mile 64. I have trouble firing some muscles sometimes, this usually happens with hills. But at Cedar Point my legs just wouldn’t work on the flats. That was new. I had the burn of climbing a 20% grade, for over 3 hours! Not cool because it was flat!

My running speed is not where it needs to be. I have to do 18 miles next Sunday faster than I’ve ever run a half marathon to make that bridge.
I’m not posting this for sympathy, this is just what I do, it is my reason for being slow. I’m proud to be out there though. I should have deferred to next year given all the health issues this year, but one very special friend has pushed me. I will think of her with every step, I will push myself beyond any comprehension. I will do this for Dawn! (Now tomorrow I tell you WHY).


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