Friday, October 18, 2013

Pre-Ironman Emotions

I am here.2 weeks until Race Day.

It seems like last week that I created this blog and had this pipe dream of becoming an Ironman.  I fell in love with triathlon and true to my driving spirit, I wanted to go to the 'holy grail'- pushing my body through 140.6 miles. At one point I had a revelation that running was so terribly painful that I would just 'do a Half Ironman' and that would suffice.  I mean 70.3 with Ehlers Danlos is an accomplishment right?

Of course that would not suffice.  2 months after the Providence half, I completed and WON the Athena division for Chesapeakeman Aquavelo. That is 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike. And I did it in a time that would ALLOW me to do a full Ironman!

It seems like yesterday that I booked a flight and went by myself to volunteer for Ironman Florida 2012.  I had the time of my life, met some amazing people with whom I  now share this un-explainable bond!

I had surgery in Feb and put me about 1 month behind my schedule.  BUT, a breast reduction was basically prep for IM anyway!  In April I was ready to go.  I racked up the miles, swim, bike and run.  I went through several cycles of hating one sport or another.  At one point I actually didn't "hate" running. (that didn't last long).

I pretty much stopped talking to anyone that wasn't involved in the sport in someway.  Not that I don't love you non-athletes, but there is "sleeping, working, and working out" and if you aren't in one of those categories, there wasn't much time.  I promise I'll get to you in January, thank you for your patience :).

I slacked on my blog. I would have thought I would post weekly at least, but there was no time.  Ugh, Time.  No one can REALLY understand how scheduled a life can be until you try to train for an Ironman.

I have almost entered the full taper.  My workouts are shorter. By shorter, I mean a 50 mile bike ride and a 12 mile run!  I am starting to have time.  This time is spent scouring the internet and commiserating with others about to do this same thing.. Ironman Florida!

I keep looking at videos of the races. Each bring up so much emotion. Excitement, elation, fear, anxiety, and most of all- awe.  Yes AWE, I cannot believe I'm so close to attempting this goal!

Each video adds a little more to the excitement. I am so close.  There is nothing else I can do, the training is behind me.  I can only prepare for my 17 hour day.

I look forward to having many of you behind me, I look forward to hearing "Laura Backus, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN"..

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  1. I did IMFL in 2012 as my first as well! I am excited to read your race report. You go girl!


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