Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When It Rains...

I had visions of what to call this post, WTH, WTF.. but when I wrote to my coach about the last week she said "WHEN IT RAINS..."  yea that about sums it up without swearing.

I've been having a pretty good summer, rode 2100 miles on the bike, ran 174 miles run and swam about 17 miles.  I guess increase in volume has an increase in 'issues.'   I've had my share of rain too.  We tried to do a hilly century in the pouring rain.

I can't even explain how wet that was!  But that isn't the point of  the post.

Then here comes the storm!

Last Wednesday I went for a swim with Ali.  We had plans on doing a 90 min swim.  I felt a little nauseous before we even got int he water, but decided I better get this long swim done!  I like to swim an out and back for long swims, that way I'm not bored with constantly turning around.  This also means we were out in the lake, subject to boat waves.  This day had some crazy guy with a boat way too big for Webster Lake, ugh, waves.  I had to stop several times to catch my head!  We turned around by 37 min, I just couldn't take it anymore.  Then Ali got nauseous, I thought "ok maybe it's not me!" She said "How the hell did you swim that whole way like this?" - dunno, needed to get it done?

Eventually we got out of the water, and I was still spinning!  Took almost 7 hours to get rid of the feeling!  UGH!   I wondered if I had an ear or sinus infection that I didn't notice.  I normally wouldn't even bother going to the Doctor, however I had my Aquabike Ironman in 18 days!

The Doctor said "people with high tolerance for pain just don't notice when something's wrong." (Awesome side effect of EDS?).  So.. 4 prescriptions later I have ear drops, nose spray, antibiotics, oh and allergy meds. I had no idea I had allergies!?!  Swimmers Ear, Ear Infection and Allergies.  She says "stay out of the water for 7 days."  UGH!

The antibiotics kicked my @ss. All I wanted to do was sleep!  I rode a couple days, then got ready for my last weekend of long rides.   Saturday I drove up to Maine for one of my favorite rides.  50 miles for Autism society of Maine.   Stunning ride!

I felt good!  Last time I did this ride, it was my first 50 and I took FOREVER to get back. I think it was close to 5 hours.

It wasn't a race and there certainly were stronger riders there, but I was the first rider to return.... in   3:09!  WHOOHOO!  Stacey and her husband Kurt did it as well, it was Stacey's first 50 and she came in just after me!

I had a long drive home, went to bed and the next day got ready for a 70!  My riding partner was running late so I moseyed along and didn't start until 8:30.  Starting late means more crazy people on the bike path.  You spend a ton of time playing chicken with people, or dodging wobbly kids on training wheels.  That and it was windy.  I need the wind to practice for the race, but still.

About 30 miles in it happened.  I stopped to go to the restroom, went to get back on my bike, I THINK I peddled a rotation or two and I just FELL OVER! WTF!?  I just laid there on the ground, right foot still clipped in. Seriously WTF happened? I have ZERO clue, I just fell over? This is my 3rd fall this summer. I normally go over once a season, usually forget to clip out at a stopsign. I think the extra falls are due to volume, NOT Me losing coordination.

The first one, my foot was stuck!  I had sand in my clip!  I knew I was going to go down so I looked for a spot and fell LEFT away from the crank.  (I thought after, hey dumbass, why didn't you just take your SHOE off and stand up! Lesson for next time).

The second fall was bizarre.  I was BLOWN OVER!  I made fun of Andy Schleck earlier this year for his skinny self being blown over.  Karma, I guess was after me!  I was actually getting ready to stop, unclipped left and leaned that way when a big gust of wind whacked me from the side and shoved me to the ground on the CRANK SIDE! UGH, but not too much damage. Never in a million years thought this butt could get blown over!

I really have no idea how I fell on this last one.  I felt 'ok' after.  I knew I took a handlebar to the rib, also knew I twisted one knee and skinned the other.  Other than that, I was in one piece.  Having EDS does have it's weird little blessings! Like the fact that yea my knee twisted around, but it goes back.  A 'normal' person would have probably had a car take them home. I rode!  Then I started to hear the clicking.  UGH!  Missing top 3-4 gears in the rear.  I thought NO not 2 weeks before my race!  I eventually got back to the car, packed the bike and went straight to the bike shop.

I got the news on Monday, rear derailleur hanger was dead, and I had a few nicks in  the derailleur itself and it should probably be replaced.  Ok fine, right? WRONG!  Quintana Roo will only sell parts to QR dealers! QR dealers are NOT convenient to my house!  I started to call around to find the part.  No one had it! I swear I called every QR dealer on the east coast.  I even found one in the UK that had the part and I contemplated shipping from there!  Apparetly there is a big trade show in Vegas and all the bike dealers are there, no one is shipping anything this week!  GRRRR!!!  I put a note out on facebook, and then came the support.  I swear this community is awesome. So many friends were willing to help!

By 8PM I had 1 part ordered and mostly likely 2 coming!  Bicycles East in Glastonbury CT stayed late to figure this out for me! Quad Cycles in Arlington was stalking the QR guy at Interbike, and VMPS in Millbury MA was digging through to find one!  Awesome, thank you all!  - so I will probably have my bike back on Friday- FRIDAY!  how's that for a taper, just stop working out!?

Oh wait, this get's better!.. as the week has gone on, I've noticed some pain in my shoulder. So twisted swollen knee, skinned other knee, purple bruised ribcage, and now.... drumroll please.. tear in my deltoid!   Seriously wtf happened on that fall?

When it rains!.. I guess I should just go sit on the couch!

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  1. Love this one. Not because of what happened but because of the writing. I'm glad you can take something so insane and turn it around to make me laugh. That's one of the many reasons I love you!

    We will get it done and you will do AWESOME in MD.

  2. Ouch! I had a rough fall at the beginning but nothing destroying me like yours. It's a sign - REST! You have the fuel in the tank - you'll be fine

  3. Hot bath with four cups of epsom salts. Given the proximity of the race I would do one every day. It'll help loads, I promise. You'll be all relaxed and ready for the race. Don't freak yourself out too much, you've done all the training, anything you would be doing this week is just to keep the body moving so go for a nice walk. Best of luck, can't wait to hear how things go!!

    1. hm, how bad would it be to put epsom salts in the hottub ?