Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Can't Tell Time Nor Can I Count

In the last 12 hours I’ve realized that I can’t tell time and I can’t count!

I started a Master Swim class last week!  This is my first time with a real group class with real drills.  I've download workouts online and given them a try. Typically I translate them into words that I understand.  What went through my head yesterday was frickin CALCULUS, not swim drills!! Which by the way I failed not once, not twice but THREE TIMES in my education career!

So we start out with 3 x 100 warmup any style.  Um ok, great.  25 meter pool, 100 meters is 4 lengths or 2 laps = do that 3 times.  Why can’t they just say do 6 laps?

Next (that I remember) was a 6 x 75 with 25 doing a 3 x3 right then 3x3 left then 50 sprint.. wait WHAT? WHAT?  That’s one length of the pool keeping one hand out dragging the other arm out of the water three times, then switch until you get to the end, then sprint a lap (up and back).  Do this 6 times.

Um.... I have no idea how many laps I did.  Add to this odd new drill count, a special 25, a sprint 50, I count my breaths 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3.. oh and now I am starting to count my total STROKES in the water to get to each side.. I just kept seeing numbers flying all over the place.  At one point I forgot to breathe.  WHAT number am I ON?? 4? Wait what does 4 mean,?  did I forget to breathe at 3?? AHHH..

Seriously, let’s simplify, one lap down concentrating stroke on right half way, then left other half then sprint back.  Do it again.  Do this 12 times.

Next was something like a pull drill, since I do total immersion we don’t do that, so I worked on “ZERO” kicking, it was good because I could concentrate on my rotation. This was nice, of course it was 2 x 100 or 4 laps, WHY CAN’T THEY JUST SAY "DO 4 LAPS?"

This went on for an hour. My brain hurt, more than my body.  I think I need to go back to the daycare they have upstairs and learn how to count!  Man it’s difficult! No wonder newbies are afraid of swimming!  Guys it's not this difficult!

I got home around 9PM – that class is a late one for me!  Packed my bag for my Wed spin and no sooner did I go to sleep it was 4:15AM and time to get cracking.

The YMCA has a very popular spin class at 5:45AM.  You have to call 24 hours in advance; the class sells out in less than 2 minutes! I was on the list so no problem, right? (WRONG)!   I set my watch by NPR time because you have to be there 5 min before the start of class or someone on the wait list gets your bike.  Today I got to the spin-door at 5:40 only to find out that my bike was given away.  SOO frustrating, but I look around and there is a clock OUTSIDE the room with: 5:44; my watch: 5:40;  the instructors’ watch: 5:41:  the clock inside the room 5:43.  The clock upstairs 5:44!  GRRR what a waste of a 30 minute drive and getting up 2 hours BEFORE THE SUN!  All for ONE STINKING MINUTE?  So much for peeing before my work-out!

I guess I need to learn how to tell time in multiple clocks!  (for those that might say, get there early, sure that could work but there’s not much to do for me except stand there and wait for the instructor to open the door)!  Ooh fun!  I'll see about moving to a different YMCA with less stress.

It’s funny how 1 minute can just turn a day so sour!

Daycare, here I come! Laura's going to learn how to COUNT and TELL TIME!

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  1. I don't do spin class specifically for that reason. I go use an exercise bike on the cardio floor or put my bike on my son's trainer. That way, I can work out according to my schedule. If i need to do a long one, I'm not a prisoner of the spin classes schedule. Train alone. It's the best training for being alone on the tri course. Mental toughness is an advantage. Ali

  2. Hi there ! I just added you to my blog roll - hope you don't mind!

  3. I couldn't figure out how to message you on fb. Do you have an email address to reach you directly?

  4. When you click through to Facebook - you can either message me on the wall there, or on the left about half way down you will see my face under "admin" (Laura) - you can click on me and message my real fb account. I don't have an email on here because spamanaters grab it and then start sending me stuff. I can't see your email address either from the link in your comment.